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How to Export/Import Accordion?

If you are working on demo and site before lunching website publicly the best way you can export and import to new website created accordions.


Why imported accordions content showing empty?



Two different way you can use export/import to move accordions to new website.

From Plugin Export/Import Menu

The latest version of accordion is now support export and import accordion itself.

See the menu under

Accordions > Settings

First you will need export the data by clicking Download json button, save the file


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And then got your new website where you want to import accordions, please note to import accordions on new site must have installed accordions plugin

Uploaded somewhere the downloaded file so you can access via url. put the url input field and click to import.

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WordPress Way:

You can use default WordPress export menu to export and then import

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# From default WordPress Import menu you can import the exported .xml file

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Import via Addon(XMl to JSON)

#1. Download and install following addon and activate on your site.


#2. Go to your site Export menu and export accordions post types.

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#3. Then go to following website and then convert your downloaded XML to JSON


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#4 Add json string to following file assign to “$json” variable


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#5. Then create a new page and use following shortcode under post content or page builder widget or block that support shortcode. draft or publish the page and visit the page, you will see the accordion will start importing.


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#6. It will take few seconds to complete based on your accordions count. after complete the import accordions please go to accordions list page to check your accordions.

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