7+ Free WordPress Calendar Plugin

WordPress Calendar Plugin

Those websites are specially crafted for event management, restaurant table reservation, and appointment handling requires powerful and highly aesthetics calendar to serve innumerable clients with perfect order. If you’re running your website on WordPress, you have a good option to…

7+ Free WordPress Redirect Plugin

wordpress redirect plugin

Suppose you searched for “WordPress redirect plugin” and got into a web page clicking on a search result from SERP (Search Engine Result Page). But unfortunately, you find the page missing with 404 error. What will happen then? you will…

10+ Free WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress Security Plugins

Do you know 23.3% of 10 million websites is running on WordPress? Sounds huge, right? As WordPress is the growing industry WordPress is tempted by hackers around the world. So, hackers repeatedly try to attack WordPress powered websites when they…

10+ Free WordPress Comments Plugin

WordPress Comments Plugin

You turned your awesome ideas into contents, curated your writing, chose the appropriate words to communicate your potential audience. When you found your writing is not getting comments and appreciation after hitting publish button. I bet, you get frustrated and…

10 Best Advertising Plugins for WordPress

Advertising Plugins for WordPress

The online advertising industry is one the rise. To earn maximum return from the WordPress blogging, business and corporate platforms, website owners are found to look for the best WordPress advertising plugin to display glamorous text, images, and videos, which…

8Best Restaurant Menu WordPress Plugins

8Best Restaurant Menu WordPress Plugins 2

Suppose someone calls you inviting for dinner in your favorite dishes, it’s your brain spontaneously creating heaps of images sketching delicious, spicy, crispy dishes plating on the table and you are devouring them with an ultimate fun, right? If you…