Accordion is not working

If you see accordions is not working or it just loaded on open all the section/accordion, this is probably js error on your page, please check browser console area to see the js errors, right-click on your page and click on Inspect menu and check console tab


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You might see the 3rd party js error or our plugins js error or any kind on js error may casue this issue,

# 3rd party JS errors

If you see the js error come from 3rd plugin please contact their support or their author to fix, we can’t provide support on this issue. you could deactivate plugin to get quick fix


# Theme js error

If you see js error come from your theme files please contact your theme author to get a fix, also we can’t provide support on this issue. you could try using another theme to get quick fix.


# Core js error

If you see any js error come from core WordPress js file please try updating or reinstalling WordPress


# $(…).accordion is not a function

If you see following error please make sure you are not using any plugin to load js files on footer instead of header. accordions need to load js file on header to work properly.


Uncaught TypeError: $(...).accordion is not a function

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