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7+ Free WordPress Redirect Plugin

Suppose you searched for “WordPress redirect plugin” and got into a web page clicking on a search result from SERP (Search Engine Result Page). But unfortunately, you find the page missing with 404 error. What will happen then? you will quickly search for an another website, right?

When other people get to the page and find the same error infinitely, the bounce and exit rate of that page become high. It sends negative signals to search engines indicating that the page is not helpful to the users. In this circumstances, search engine crawlers stop indexing the URL connected with posts or pages which result in page ranking demotion and people no longer find the page in the search result. Consequently, the page loose traffic, ranking and revenue altogether.

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When you maintain a website having tons of pages and posts, you might endlessly face this issues again and again. Thinking why? People occasionally change their website platform to achieve better performance, such website migration brings changes in existing URL structures and may drop may of well-indexed posts and pages.

I personally found people repeatedly change URLs of existing posts and pages to make them short and SEO friendly. Such kind of activities create broken links and increase 404 errors. If you don’t fix them accurately adding 301 redirections for that page, your website will harm.

301 redirection sounds new to you, right? 301 redirection consists of a set of processes help you permanently relocate posts, pages or even entire website to another URL or a new domain. After adding 301 redirects, the system instructs browsers to look for requested documents in the permanently moved new locations and delete the old path.

Now the question is how to fix or redirect those URLs in WordPress, right? My today’s post has dedicatedly set out to answer your question. There are many of WordPress redirection plugins can help you to fix this issue, For you convenience, I’ve listed curating from the best options. The last thing you have to do is to pick the perfect plugin from this list. Here you go:


Redirection is the most popular and downloaded redirect plugin for WordPress, doesn’t require website owners to have an understanding of Apache and .htaccess file programming for configuring websites to add 301 redirects. The plugin is specialized for monitoring 404 errors and orphan pages so that you seamlessly migrate your entire existing website to other platforms or to semantic folders.

The plugin is capable of enabling localization, can add automatic 301 redirections when it finds new changes in post and page URLs. Redirection plugin supports regular expression to save time for common and similar redirection, keeps track on full redirected URLs can show graphical statistics indicating how many time a URL is redirected and the last redirection time.

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SEO Redirection Plugin

Another powerful redirection plugin to directly redirect posts and pages maintaining SEO best practices. The plugin specialized for Wild car redirection, can implement redirection like 301, 302, 307 easily. SEO Redirection Plugin has a core support of regular expression, can redirect any type of folder and domain easily. The plugin is equipped with modern and sleek interface, that allow you to perform link redirections with ease.

The plugin can strongly monitor 404 pages, allows you to change post and page URLs from the URL editing panel and simultaneously from redirection tab. On top of that, SEO Redirection Plugin is best for page to page, folder to page, and folder to folder redirection.
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Eggplant 301 Redirects

To repair the broken link and set the destined URLs, EPS 301 redirection tool is the indispensable solution. The plugin is another most popular plugin to facilitate you an unlimited flexibility for redirection management. The plugin is easy to use and configure, comes with an intuitive interface to allow you link redirecting task perfectly.

The plugin can set custom destination URL for WordPress post, pages, custom post type, archive and other drop down menu contents. EPS 301 is specialized for adding super-fast redirection improving export/import feature and retaining query string across the redirects.

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Simple 301 Redirects

The super simple and my favorite plugin called Simple 301 Redirects. Best best rated plugin is lightweight, can tailor with any of WordPress website. The plugin create quick redirection to any of your destination URLs you can redirect to. Simple 301 Redirects is the must have tool when you migrate your website or change your URLs structure to suit with SEO friendly URLs. The plugin is minimal can easily redirect old pages.
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All 404 Redirect to Homepage

Webmaster tool is the great tool to check broken links and detached URLs. Having seen those URLs in the Web Master tool first time, I be you might faint out. Don’t worry. If you are not in willingness to redirect that URLs one by one to their corresponding posts and pages. you can set destination for all of them in the HomePage. This is the most simplest and quickest way to redirect URLs.
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After adding permanent redirection, Redirect plugin is capable of putting a hindrance for search engine bots to index previous URLs and urge to rank newly implemented URL. Redirect plugin has a differentiating specialty to redirect post and page to their destined URL by selecting a drop-down menu or typing manual URLs.

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Excessive redirection may increase your page loading speed or fail to load your page showing redirection loop. Be careful with redirection and try to make well-researched planning before changing or making URLs structure.

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