10 Landing Page WordPress Plugins To Create Responsive Landing Page Without Coding

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  • 10 Landing Page WordPress Plugins To Create Responsive Landing Page Without Coding

Don’t know you can create a full-fledged and powerful landing page in WordPress without coding?

Sounds crazy, right? In 2016, WordPress has been 100 times more powerful CMS since it started its journey. If you head to the WordPress plugin directory, you will find tons of plugins that allow you to create a high-converting landing page without writing a single line of code. Before randomly picking a landing page WordPress plugin, I recommend you to circle your need first. Like would you like use the plugin for lead generation or click-through purpose. Confused about the both technical terms? Let me clear you a bit.

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Click-through: The strategy is best for those who want to create a landing page from where they take the visitors to the conversion funnel via alluring them to click on a button or link. This technique would be the best suit when you run an eCommerce store or sell digital or tangible products from your website. It enhances the way you showcase your products, service, and other social media proofs like user review and testimonial, clients you work with and so on. Consequently, the landing page takes the visitors to checkout page through answering all the question and bring your utmost sale.

Lead Generation: As the name implies, this tactics is prominent when you want to collect emails from your visitors without pushing them in checkout page to perform a purchase. In this way, a WordPress plugin creates a landing page which encourage your visitors to input their name, email and other sufficient details in a popup opt-in form or other widget based option form, that you want to them to use. Lead generation is still popular for collection leads for Ebook, whitepaper, webinar registration. discount coupon/ voucher distribution, content entry, access to free product trial. physical gift distribution, further notification, or request a quote to take a specialized service.

Now, I believe, you guys have a clear understanding of your need for which purpose you need a landing page WordPress plugin, right? Now I’ll directly take through the plugins so that you can quickly pick from.


OPtimizePress is a widely known application, helping marketers, bloggers, eCommerce owners, trainers, and subscription sales to create their high converting landing pages with ease. The plugin is the best tool to collect leads and boost click-through. If you are thinking to create a landing page for sales and marketing pages, blogger, free training and course, webinar registration, membership portal, and funnel for your creatively crafted professional products, the landing page WordPress plugin is the best match.

OptimizePress is shipped with built-in drag and drop live editor, which allows you to create unlimited pages and layouts according to your imagination. On top of that, if you don’t want to wet your handing creating design, don’t worry. It’s more 30+ design templates which can be suited for any of your design purpose you want to. The pages are SEO and mobile friendly, comes with 3rd party integration like google analytics, Google Content Experiments, Mailchimps, Infusionsoft and numerous membership subscription application.

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LeadPages is the thriving solution for those who want to capture leads via show popups and sending mobile messages. LeadPages is a standalone landing page optimization application, comes with a “Connection plugin” that binds LeadPages with your WordPress website. According to LeadPages, it has the world’s simplest landing pages builder developed by their creative engineers which take not more than 5 minutes to develop a high-converting responsive landing pages.

LeadPages is glutted with 70+ free landing page template, helps you to perform split testing and keep track on conversion statics and analytics. The plugin comes with a vast array of integration including Aweber, HubSpot, MailChimp, GetResponse, SalesForce and so on.

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WordPress Landing Pages by Inbound Now

WordPress Landing Pages by Inbound Now is a powerful and most download free landing page WordPress plugin in the directory. The plugin is not only popular for providing tons of built-in pages for creative conversion or splash pages, but also to give supreme ability to monitor and track conversion rate, run A/B split testing, and lead generating flow.

WordPress Landing Pages by Inbound Now plugin is equipped with live editor specially developed for non-developers those don’t know how to code, can develop highly aesthetic landing page with a couple of dragging and dropping. The one of the amazing parts of this tool n is pre-populated forms with visitors information, which allure visitors to give their requested information intuitively.

The landing page WordPress Plugin is developers friendly as well, integrated with a variety of functionality to add a range of actions filter, and hooks when their no features available for your requirements.

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Instapage is another tool to create conversion ready lead page, This tool claims to create you any of your desired landing pages with 3 minutes throughout the process of building, integrating, deploying and improving. Building process includes landing page development on a landing page builder, Integrates let you add tons of integration of the Instapage library, Deploy let you publish you lead capturing or sales generating pages with ease. In the improvement phase, you can initiate page optimization for click-through increasing, track button clicks and form submission rate.

When are performing those task activating Instapage plugin, click “Push to WordPress” after finishing design and layout, It will create a bridge through Instapage API to your WordPress website and fetch all dynamic contents from Instapage database.

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Parallax Gravity

Parallax Gravity is a premium landing page creator plugin to create limitless conversion or landing page for your next campaign. The is capable of creating multiple sections in the single page, each section allows you to add a background, and any other of type of pre-built content via shortcode. The plugin is specially created for click-through boost up while you want to have maximum sales through your digital or tangible product showcasing.

Every Parallax Gravity powered pages are SEO optimized, can be tailored with any of mobile screen like iPhone, iPad, iMac, tablet, desktop, and even on all popular browsers. The plugin is best for a single campaign when your campaign is over you can redirect them to other pages where you want to.

[mks_button size=”small” title=”More Info / Download” style=”squared” url=”http://codecanyon.net/item/parallax-gravity-landing-page-builder/6899707″ target=”_blank” bg_color=”#dd3333″ txt_color=”#FFFFFF” icon=”” icon_type=””]


According to my opinion and endorsement of whole PickPlugins team, we create the whole list for your consideration, I bet, you find them helpful and easy to your WordPress theme. Let’s us know which WordPress plugin finds your content company.

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