10+ Free WordPress Security Plugins

Do you know 23.3% of 10 million websites is running on WordPress? Sounds huge, right?

As WordPress is the growing industry WordPress is tempted by hackers around the world. So, hackers repeatedly try to attack WordPress powered websites when they found any single vulnerabilities, security flaws or leakage.

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Some website owners thinks, their websites get strongly secured after changing admin default username, selecting strong admin password, changing login URLs, but they don’t. I personally noticed some website are found full of malicious codes and taken over by hackers after SQL injection and Brute Force attacked.

So, either you’re professional WordPress developers or WordPress powered user, it is not possible for you to perform 24/7 scan your database, WordPress root, and other priority areas, that may be infected anytime, right? It’s better to deploy a robot that can run an infinite scan and shield your site security tirelessly. When you’ve best WordPress security plugin installed, they will act as a powerful robot alike. If you haven’t installed yet, install right now.

Do you know which plugin to install for your website? If you don’t know, don’t worry. Because I didn’t know before my site being hacked.
To save your from unexpected hacking and cyber attack, I’ve listed best WordPress plugins, that protect your website 24/7. Here you go.

Which Is The Best WordPress Security Plugin, Please Put Your Opinion Below

Wordfence Security

Wordfence is an Open Source, 100% free and the most popular security plugin in the WordPress directory. Just after the plugin is enabled in your site system, it runs scanning for infection in server-side source code, themes, plugins and more. Putting the best defense against the malicious activities of hackers, malicious crawlers, scrapers and brute force attack, the plugin boost your site loading speed 50 times higher.

Wordfence now comes with muti-site support can block known attackers real time. The amazing fact is that if this plugin finds malicious users in another Wordfence installed website, it blog them for your site automatically. Besides bundling powerful features in the free plugin, it offers with some awesome APIs for the premium bundle like country blocking, scheduled scans, password auditing and more.

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iThemes Security

IThemes Security plugin is considered the seconds most popular plugin in the directory. The plugin can track each activity of user like when they edit content, login, and logout and so on. Besides giving alert to strengthen your weak password, iTheme Security plugin is packed with a strong password generator, Two-Factor Authentication using your mobile app like Google Authenticator, and force users to change and pick a new after passing password age.

IThemes Security Plugin is well-known for its malware scanning and saves your security setting for the multi-site usage giving your ability to import and export setting. The plugin is glutted with some others features that give the best experience to use a security plugin like wp-cli Integration to perform command line task, dashboard widget to manage important tasks such as user banding and system scans, and Google reCAPTCHA to protect your site from spammers.

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BulletProof Security

The another powerful security plugin that keeps your website danger free. As the name implies, the plugin is well-equipped with all the features that save your website from malicious and website life-endangering incidents. BulletProof Security plugin comes with a one-click setup wizard, doesn’t require you to add configuration for risky handles. The plugin can monitor visitors logins and destroy cookie and sessions which become useless in after a period of time.

BulletProof Security is well-known for DB health boosting site performance and data communication time. The plugin strictly cares for HTTP logins, corn delete and old backups, .htaccess Website Security Protection (Firewalls) and so more.

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Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security is created globally prominent security specialized company, has been developed to provide 100% protection from hacking and keep your online sell running even when you are in vacation or snoring in sleep. The plugin is the best match if you want to perform security activity auditing, blacklist monitoring, file integrity monitoring, remote malware scanning, security hardening post-hack security actions, security notification, and website firewall protection.

Sucuri Security is bottled with all the tools that need a website owner to ensure an enterprise level of firewall security like CloudProxy, can put strong fence and defense while your site is on under DOS/DDOS attack, Brute Force attack, and other vulnerabilities.

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Acunetix WP Security

Do you know why WordPress release updates? It’s because: users can use the latest technology and keep their website away from the vulnerabilities of obsolete technology. But according to WordPress, while my writing I found in 24% websites has 4.4 version installed, 26% users are using 4.3 version, 12.5% is using version 4.2, 8.1% website running on 4.1 and rest of them are still using WordPress 4 version. If hackers can get to their version they can hack their website those who are using below 4.0.

To solve this issue, Acunetix WP Security provide the best cure. providing world class security like password protection, file permissions, database security, admin login protection, removing WP generator Meta tag from core code, it can hide your WordPress version.

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ALL In One WP Security & Firewall

If you have All One WP Security & Firewall plugin is installed, you’ll give your website support which never seeks your attention for security checkings. The plugin is supplied with tons of site securing tools that give a supreme privilege to secure your user account login, registration, database, and file system, backup, and restore system for .htaccess and wup-config.php, blacklist maintaining, firewall security, brute force login prevention, and put a defense for WhoIs Lookup.

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From PickPlugins, we are in hectic to create unlimited contents so that our users can use the best plugins for their favorite website. But we hungry for your comments how we are going. Don’t forget to leave your comment intending which WordPress security plugin you find helpful and why you think so.

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