How to display or customize pagination?

Our Post Grid Combo plugin will give you the superpower to create or customize the post layout. This article gives you a clear idea about how to display or customize pagination for your Post Grid.

It’s recommended to watch the video as it’ll be easier for you to understand.

Here I create a basic grid, and by default, normal pagination is showing. If you don’t know how to create a basic grid, check out this article: How to add columns or customize the grid layout?

How to display or customize pagination? 1

If you want to change the color or font size, all the settings will be available under this pagination section.

How to display or customize pagination? 2

Apart from our normal pagination type, we have some other varieties of pagination that you can explore.

How to display or customize pagination? 3
  • Ajax Pagination: Ajax Pagination will make dynamic navigation links for posts, and then it loads the post without reloading the whole web page content.
  • Next – Previous: This option will put two buttons called ‘previous’ and ‘next.’ On click, the button will pull the new post without page load, and of course, you can customize the ‘next’ and ‘previous’ button text.
  • Load More: This option is pretty similar to our last option. The only difference is that instead of two buttons, it will put only one button called ‘Load’ More. You can also customize the button text.
  • Infinite Load: There will be no button available for this ‘Infinite load’ setting. Posts will automatically load when the user scrolls down. It’s pretty similar to Instagram post load!

Hope this article will help you to customize your pagination. If not, please create a support ticket here, and we’ll get back to you asap. Also, you can provide us with a review here. Your review is much more beneficial to us. In fact, that’s how we improve!