Plugin functionalities and the price

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Plugin functionalities and the price 1
Sep 01, 2020 03:46 PM 1 Answers
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Since I couldn't find the demo with the furniture, I am wonder could I use your plugin to create a few products of furniture and let customers try how some of their images would look on my furniture?
If it is possible, what would be the cost?
What number of products could I create and do I have any restrictions with your plugin, that I need to be aware of?
if it is not possible to edit in 3D, could they edit the product in 2D and then download the image, and return to the product with the customized image somewhere nearby with a customized price? That image should be reserved in my store as well, of course.
Could you tell me the price of every requirement?

Please let me know the answer today.
Best regards,

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Plugin functionalities and the price 2
Sep 01, 2020

Welcome to our forum.

I am not sure you tried our free version already, our product designer is side based, you can add/edit any amount of product side, each side can individually customize and elements added for each side has price defined by site admin.

please try free version here

sorry to say 3d customization isn't available.


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