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Nov 29, 2023 06:00 PM 0 Answers
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For my jewelry business I need a wordpress plug in for my product page that allows personnalisation of pendants and add-ons.
Here are 3 basic product page exemple that match my needs.*n64agc*_gcl_aw*R0NMLjE3MDEyNTc3ODAuQ2owS0NRaUEzNXVyQmhEQ0FSSXNBT1U3UXdtR3AxREZsU201VTM4ODM5blJVbWJMbFNKd0JUenBKOTBqdmhXTHNWZzZXcWQ5d2poblFyUWFBb1BvRUFMd193Y0I.*_gcl_au*NTg5OTgwODYyLjE2OTk1NzY5MzA.*_ga*MTgxNzc3OTEwMC4xNjk5NTc2OTMw*_ga_MZYJR7Z874*MTY5OTYxODQ3OS40LjAuMTY5OTYxODQ3OS42MC4wLjA.&_ga=2.24233212.712301313.1701257780-1817779100.1699576930&_gac=1.60136799.1701257780.Cj0KCQiA35urBhDCARIsAOU7QwmGp1DFlSm5U38839nRUmbLlSJwBTzpJ90jvhWLsVg6Wqd9wjhnQrQaAoPoEALw_wcB

My client should be able to chose a pendant type and an illustration, texte, or a custom map (Google map API? or Mapbox API) or a custom constellation based on a precise date (I have an open source code for that). Then the client should chose if he wants to engrave the verso of the charm (10€ supplement) and do the process again and again if he wants a 2nd charm or a 3rd etc...

I hope my demand is clear enough. Is it possible for you to integrate these options in your working plug in?



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