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Hi there,
I'm currently using woocommerce product designer by Orion Origin on my website. Sadly the developers of this program are not very good and the plugin does not do what it is advertised to do. I am hoping your plugin will do these things and I can switch 🙂

This is what I'd like the plugin to do, I want to check that the pickplugins product designer does indeed do this. This is for the website for my tshirt printing company.

1. Able to customise a range of products (eg tshirts, hoodies, mugs, phone covers)
2. A base price for each item
3. Additional price for each image, text etc printed on the product
4. Additional price for printing on the back/side of items
5. Option to use a bulk discount plugin for discounts applied to large orders
6. Option to upload fonts
7. Option to upload clipart

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