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Ticket for: Product Designer
Nov 25, 2020 07:00 AM 0 Answers
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The plugin Product Designer is great but a few functions don't work properly.

1. Product sides don't show up.

2. Product does not show up in the cart section after submission even tho it says done.

3. How can we tell the size layout of the grid? What measurement is it to?</div>
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<div class="gmail_default">4. How do we receive the final file? Is it to the correct size or a mockup & what file format do we receive it in? Have we got options for the file format?

5. Can we get rid of "Edit images" & "Shapes & Options" as our printer does not provide those features.

6. How do you buy the Pro Version? Have a look all over your main site with no option to do that.


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