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E-mails aren't sending 1
Aug 05, 2020 05:50 AM 1 Answers
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Hi there,

This is relation to this thread here -

I really didn't want to give this URL out in public, since I use a custom login & I don't want the world to know. I use ithemes for that.

But I've turned off your plugin b/c no one can log in if it's turned on. So how are you going to be able to test?

And we also turned off ithemes & it still didn't work.

And we also turned off the SMTP, but that didn't fix it for us.



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E-mails aren't sending 2
Aug 05, 2020

Welcome to our forum.

Hi, did you read carefully documentation?

If you are using custom registration form that the case, please make sure your registration for has support to display errors via following hook

If you a not a developer please contact its author.


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