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DUMB ?tion Alert! Sorry 1
Jun 17, 2016 06:24 PM 1 Answers General
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Okay, so I am totally new to having to do my own site work, so this question will likely seem like a simple one for most.
But I have managed to get the grid up and all, but it is just posting things I have already posted elsewhere on the site.
What I want is just a page for current news stories. So I will be updating daily/weekly, but I only want the things on this grid to be populated from ONE location, and that would be the news stories that I update.  How can I keep it from pulling from ALL of my posts and just pull from the things I want to show within the grid.
Thanks in advance for your help

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DUMB ?tion Alert! Sorry 2
Jun 17, 2016

Welcome to our forum,
Is that "ONE location" meta field ? if it is meta field the you can use our premium version to query post by meta key & value
Please see the screenshot how does it works
also watch this video on action
Let me know for more help

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