Custom colors or background images for individual tabs.

Custom colors or background images for individual tabs. 1
May 19, 2016 08:24 PM 0 Answers General
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Hi all, 
I've been looking at using your tabs plugin on my website. Its easy enough to use and seems alright. I have one (possible split into 2) question. 
I've noticed if i look in the developer tools in chrome, there is a css rule for 'backgroun-image:url()' which is empty. Now i havent set a background image but it did make me wander. Is it possible to set my own custom background image?
Secondly, although a solution to either is enough. Is it possible for me to select each tab and its respective content, and then change the background color of each tab? i know i can set a background color for ALL tabs, but id like to inject some color into each tab.
Hope this is possible. Thanks in advance,

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  1. I am only a user of the free version but I think you can only do that making individual accordions and placing them within a table so that it looks like one accordion.

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