Breadcrumb Trail Only Two Crumbs Deep Follow Up

Breadcrumb Trail Only Two Crumbs Deep Follow Up 1
May 26, 2016 05:02 AM 1 Answers General
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Hi, I somehow posted before describing the problem. Pardon me. I am using the free version of breadcrumbs and have navigation nodes(pages) four layers deep. Despite having the [bread crumb] tag in each of my four nodes(pages), the breadcrumb trail is always 
Home(level 1) -> Current Page(level 4)
In my thinking it should be 
Home(level 1) -> Menu Item(level 2) -> Sub Menu Item(level 3) -> Gallery(level 4)
No matter what level the page is; level 2,3, or 4 I always see
Home -> Current Page
Any ideas on how to include the entire trail of crumbs? I have made sure that [bread crumb] is on all pages.
Thank you 

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Breadcrumb Trail Only Two Crumbs Deep Follow Up 2
May 26, 2016

Welcome to our forum,
I am not sure is that you are talking about post type "Page" will not follow the menu navigation, it will follow the parent > child > grand child (current page ) hierarchy
Please see the demo screenshot for "Page" here
Let me know for more help.

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