Top 5 Free Job Manager Plugins for WordPress

Do you have a growing business? Frequently cost time and money on job posting websites to recruit freelancers worldwide, volunteers from your local city, or expert level of job seekers whole round the country? Don’t worry, It’s a general pipeline from where every job recruiters pass through initially. If you have a business website running on WordPress, I recommend you to download and install WordPress job board plugins, and become the sailor of your own boat.

Having a clear understanding of your need, you would like to hear some suggestion of time saver and reliable WordPress job board plugins, right? Sometimes the process of picking the best-suited plugins could be daunting. Because there are some of the technical aspects you don’t know. I’ve been working as WordPress developer, and simultaneously writing as WordPress blogger at UpWork. even when the workload becomes high, I have to hires freelancers to join my team. So, I understand exact limitation and obstacles of job applications.

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Before walking you through all popular job manager plugins, I want you to have a proper understanding of best WordPress job posting plugins. Don’t go for a perfunctory decision, select your plugins reading the following checklist carefully.

Checklist of WordPress job board plugins

Essential post types

To handle your own online portal, you need a couple of post types for the easy job posting. If you have experience of running eCommerce WordPress websites, you might have noticed that every 3rd party eCommerce plugins come with separate post types. To separate Job seekers and job publishers and to maintain their essential data in a curated way, you need a job listing WordPress plugin having all essential post types enabled.

Access Control Capability

Want to ensure proper access to the assigned users, WordPress handles them professionally. WordPress by default comes with access restriction capability built-in. Now the question is why we need role restriction for Job listing portal, right? Generally small business owners perform their job recruiting activities on their own, but large businesses hire recruiters and they need restriction attribution according to the roles of job recruiters.

Time saving features

Recruiting job seekers from popular online job marketplace is challenging, the main obstacle people face to make their job posting highlighted and get a perfect candidate according to their expectation. Why is it challenging? Job Marketplaces like UpWorks, Monster, Problogger are overflowing with new job postings. if you don’t have the best candidates applied for your job within 5 or 10 min, your job advertisement can be lost in paginations. Even It costs a lot to make a job posting featured. But in your own portal, you can feature any of job based on their priorities.

Essential Data Collection

You might have invested a lot in the online or offline survey to learn how to make your business successful and money making machines. If you want to collect some of survey type questions while job recruitment that would be awesome. Because job seekers have experience of the field you work on, might have better understanding comparing your knowledge. When you hire WordPress developers from Pickplugins, we ask to fill a field titled “What make a wordPress project successful and failed” Make sure, your preferred WordPress job application plugin has this feature built-in

Mobile device friendly

Mobile friendly website is a trend. With growing number of mobile users, today’s job websites are found populated more than 60% mobile users. Whereas the popular search engine, Google has just declared to give handsome rank to the responsive websites. If you want to get perfect candidate keeping your website safe from Google penalty, choose the responsive job manager plugin.

Filtering system

The filtering system is an essential and time-saving feature of a WordPress job board plugin. Sometimes you will have more than hundred or thousand of candidates applying for the job you posted. If your plugin doesn’t allow you to filter job seekers according to their qualification, experience, geolocation, age, and more, you would cost hours doing the same job manually.


A statistic is the key features of job board manager plugins. It gives you proper insights of job postings that help you to make the best selection and shortlist ever.

Social Sharing Capability

Sometimes job posting doesn’t reach to the perfect candidate easily because the lack of virality. If your plugin board plugin comes with such a social sharing feature enabled, I bet you don’t to make paid advertisement and manual social sharing. The job seekers and site visitor do the job intuitively.

I tried to circle the must have features of WordPress job board plugins, I bet, now you can say goodbye to the perfunctory decision, now take your plugin selection step on your own. For your convenience, I have listed down some of the popular WordPress job board plugins, Hope you find them helpful.


WP Job Manager

The plugin is a complete solution to manage job listing from WordPress admin panel, simultaneously allows users to post their resume directly to the job recruiter’s website. WP Job Manager is lightweight, doesn’t load unnecessary features which make website slow. Every feature has been perfectly developed following addon based architecture, can easily be tailored with any of WordPress themes in the market.

The opportunity to use shortcode really amazes you and saves your several hours of labour. Th plugin includes ajax based search and sortable functionality at the core. The codebase is developer friendly and frontend is amazing, allows job lister to preview their resume and cover letter before making the final submission.

If the overall look doesn’t match your brand look and style, developer set CSS overriding enabled to maintain ultimate professionalism.

//Download WP Job Manager//


Job Board Manager

The Plugin for WordPress job board is super lightweight and user-friendly, easily build your own online portal with an amazing job manager, which allows job finders to submit their all essential job-related information seamlessly.

The plugin is secured and robust, crafted with modern technology and rich architecture, doesn’t load unnecessary feature and require to install 3rd party plugin. The UX has been implemented making long-term research on users behavior, doesn’t require the end uses to grow a new behavior to operate this plugin. Job Board Manager comes with the shortcode support with unlimited usage possiblites, which let you to display job list, single job page and other on anywhere in your website.

The plugin comes with Google Captcha and reCAPTCHA API enabled, protect your job submission from the abusive bots and keep your site malware free. The features I personally find amazing are featured job post and email notification. Email notification allows you to send email notifications to the job subscribers automatically.

//Download Job Board Manager//


Simple Job Board

The other Free WordPress Job board plugin comes with high customizability and tons of awesomeness. The plugin is the best example of simplicity and elegance, shipped with unmatched opportunities to build WordPress Job board with ease of use. This Simple Job Board plugin is also known for its time-saving features like shortcode and custom templating. Shortcodes allow to add multiple job listings and can show them on any page by inserting [jobpost] shortcode. To make every single job listing interesting and data-driven, you can add multiple job features and customized application form in the every single job listing.

The installation process is super simple, Just install this WordPress Job Board plugin, head to the “Job Board” menu settings via WordPress admin panel, and start posting your job with ease.

//Download Simple Job Board//


Job Board by BestWebSoft

Free Job Board WordPress plugin by BestWebSoft is the complete and robust solution of full-fledged Job marketplace and management. It’s a super time saver because many of its works are performed in an automated way. In this plugin you allow user registration and registered users can save search template for the smart Job feed, upload and submit CV, apply for a vacancy, and other tasks. Automatically place the vacancy to the archive after the expiration of the period which was set either by administrator and author.

Like other Job Board Manager plugin, It’s codebase is user-friendly, SEO optimized and mobile device friendly, comes with time-saving features like shortcodes and useful automated task.

//Download Job Board by BestWebSoft//


In PickPlugins we comes with awesome recommendation, that you love to follow. Today we’ve successfully sketched out why you need WordPress Job Board Plugin. I hope you picked up yours. But I haven’t satisfied yet, let me which WordPress job board plugins you prefer for your personal or commercial usage. Looking forward to your responsive over here in the comment below 🙂

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