WordPress PHP 8.1 plugin not working

Wordpress PHP 8.1 plugin not working 1
Jun 06, 2024 08:45 PM 1 Answers
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Good morning, we have updated version 8.1 of PHP at the request of Wordpres, which brought us a compatibility problem with its plugin, it stops working, and they advise us to deactivate it, how can we solve this problem? since WordPress asks us to update PHP 8.1 before June 19. We currently have the plugin working with version 7.4

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Wordpress PHP 8.1 plugin not working 2
Azizul Raju
Jun 09, 2024

Hi, I believe you are currently using an older version of the pro. The latest pro version available is 3.3.17. Please update your plugin to access advanced features and resolve any issues.

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