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Ticket for: Wishlist
Wishlist issue 1
Nov 02, 2021 08:42 AM 0 Answers
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I have two issues in the wishlist,

The first: is the total counts in the wishlist is not accurate. Because off that I hide the count label. however it still shows the count in the popup menu of the besides each wishlist. I hope I can hide it.

The second is that when the user clicks the heart icon for such product the heart becomes red and it automatically adds the product to the default wishlist "products I love" however if I opened the popup menu to check that, I found the "products I love" list is still black and not activated.

The third issue: assume I was at the product catalogue page and  I added a product to my wishlist, when I click over the product to open its single product page the heart does not appear to be activated.

I have stopped caching in my website to insure that the issue is not because of caching.

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