Why don’t the accordion contents follow the settings?

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Why don't the accordion contents follow the settings? 1
Aug 18, 2020 02:52 AM 1 Answers
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I had high hopes your latest update would fix the problem with your Accordion plugin, but the contents in the accordions still don't follow the settings and look like crap. Editing using the text editor doesn't work because none of the instructions remain when the file is saved.

I sent a request for support weeks ago but received no response. Dreadfully disappointed to see something that worked well "improved" to junk status. Here's a link so you can see how terrible the latest accordions look - Bulletin 64 – May 2020 – Colloquium on Violence & Religion.

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Why don't the accordion contents follow the settings? 2
Aug 18, 2020

Welcome to our forum.

Not sure where you sent the support message, i can't access to your page its loading, please send me a screenshot about your issue.


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