Why and I getting dozens of duplicate results?

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Why and I getting dozens of duplicate results? 1
Oct 01, 2020 03:38 AM 1 Answers
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A post grid I am working on seems to be populating with dozens of duplicate results for each post (100s in total when there should less than 20 results).

This image is the same post showing over and over.

View post on imgur.com

The preview of the grid is https://www.mindfulharlem.com/post_grid/classes/

I will be happy to provide admin information in necessary but I am hesitant to do it over an online form, please reach out to me directly and I can provide a login for you.

Thank you for any help you can provide!

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Why and I getting dozens of duplicate results? 2
Oct 05, 2020

Welcome to our forum.

This is interesting, we haven't seen this issue before, could you please deactivate others plugin one by one to check if any 3rd party plugin cause conflict with WP query.

also try with others themes.

let me know the result.

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