why all tabs load in the same time

why all tabs load in the same time 1
Aug 14, 2016 12:36 AM 1 Answers General
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i used the tabs for videos i add videos that loading automatically and because it's loading auto all tabs is loading in same time and this make all videos load when i open page
i think you can make some modification on tabs to make the active tab to be the only tab that will load in page and other tabs will not load till visitor will click on it by this way videos will not load automatically 

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why all tabs load in the same time 2
Aug 15, 2016

Welcome to our forum,
Can you please tell me which plugin you are talking about , we have 2 different tab plugin.
Our "Accordions" plugin also support tabs which also has the option "Lazy Load" so that accordion(tabs) will be hidden until page load complete
Demo here

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