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vI can not make the icon to show in the Accordion/Tab 1
Jul 30, 2021 09:05 AM 0 Answers
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I can not make the icon to show in the Accordion/Tab
I have created nested accordions, by creating a \'parent\' as accordion and nested a tab with two pages/cotect and I will like to display my
own icon on the two tab pages (Clock-vice & Counter clock-vice) I have loaded the two clock png icon images to the media library.
But I cannot display them as icon on the header of the two tabs.

I have tried to link to the icon/file meaning the URL, but the icon never display.
Where should I define the icon url.
* Style / Accordion Icons / Active icon ?
* Style / Accordion icon / Iactive icon ?
* Style / Container Style / Background image ?
* Content / Accordions content / Active icon ?
* Content / Accordions content / Inactive icon ?
* Content / Accordions content / Background image ?

Locical speaking, I believe it has to be in the content area and not the Style, because I have two icons I would like to insert.

I have the Premium Pro version.

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