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I purchased the User Verification plugin yesterday via donation.

I cannot log in to my test accounts on my website until I had verified them manually. This also means that my regular customers cannot log in until I manually verify them.

This means going through the user records and either manually verifying each known account or bulk approving and that means approving the fake email addresses that have come on recently.

Please advise.

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Verification issues 1
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Nov 05, 2018

Welcome to our forum.

#1 the idea is simple once you activate the plugin it will check verification status if not verified it will see the warning on the login screen, and the user can request for verification mail it will send the verification mail to get verified, once they click on verification link they will get verified status and access to your site.

#2 if you don't want to bother your user to see the warning at login who already registered before you should mark them as verified via bulk selection. select one by one to check spam email/user is tough I think.

if you serious about spam issue you should follow the first solution.

I hope you understand.


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