Verification infinite loop

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Verification infinite loop 1
Jun 23, 2023 11:51 PM 0 Answers
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I use memberpress and decided to add user verification. Unfortunately, I have ran into the following errors:

  1. The app does not prompt a verification automatically upon registration
  2. Upon login attempt, the app shows "Error1: verification required" and the option to resend a verification email works. However, when the user clicks on the verification, he is not redirected to the page selected
  3. After verifying their email, the user cannot login into their account. They get the same error message "Error1: verification required" and an option to resend verification. So the user is never able to login despite having verified their email

Please help me with this issue. In the meantime, I set the verification requirement to "No" and that has at least enabled users to login.


Thank you,


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