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User Verification Emails 1
Feb 26, 2023 11:33 AM 1 Answers
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I have a few questions regarding user verification emails.
1. If I use the option "Mark all existing users as verified" does the plugin send the verification email or just verify all the accounts?
2. How do I send the account verification email to the existing customers?
3.If a new customer creates an account does the account verification email delivers automatically? How do I set it up if not?

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User Verification Emails 2
Azizul Raju
Feb 26, 2023

Welcome to PickPlugins.

1. Existing users will not receive a verification email. It's more like an automated background system.

2. With our plugin installed under Users, you'll get an option where you can mark any existing verified user as unverified and resend a verification email.

3. As long as Email Verification is turned on, the new user will get a verification email and must follow the verification process.

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