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Updated to Accordions 2.1.3, site went down 1
Oct 21, 2018 07:37 PM 1 Answers General
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For a few years now I've been using your Accordions plugin (on with no problem. Today (20 Oct 2018) I updated it to the latest version (2.1.3) and my site immediately went down, leaving this message:

Fatal error: Can't use method return value in write context in /home2/cepyl/public_html/theleadershop/wp-content/plugins/accordions/includes/class-WPAdminSettings.php on line 657

Fortunately I was able to get my hosting provider to deactivate the plugin, so the site came back up, but now I am concerned that if I re-activate the plugin, the site will go down AGAIN. What do you recommend that I do? I need the plugin to work so that I have accordions on pages such as:


THANK YOU in advance for your help,
-- Jim

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Updated to Accordions 2.1.3, site went down 2
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Updated to Accordions 2.1.3, site went down 3
Oct 21, 2018

Welcome to our forum.

you might be still using the older version of PHP on your server, can you please try using the updated version of PHP and let me know the result.


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