Update ruined categories.

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Update ruined categories. 1
May 10, 2019 10:12 PM 1 Answers
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The latest update has messed all the categories, now they are not filtered. If I try to filter them manually, it does nothing.

I bought the pro version and had to ask for a refund because of similar problems, the free version being more functional than the pro version.

This is a fantastic plugin but sadly these things are holding it back.

Is there anyway to fix this issue please?

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Update ruined categories. 1
Update ruined categories. 3
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Update ruined categories. 4
May 10, 2019

Welcome to our forum.

Pro version was released a few months ago, after trying with pro user i want to add advance category selection on free version also, i believe this is not a mistake, to honest i never thought it will be bad for free user, but few are show anger, but i believe they will love it.

after plugin update, you should see the notice at the top Data update required for Post Grid » Update

Please see the screenshot.


you should click on update link and the process will automatically be done.

Already created grid you will see the option “Post Taxonomies & terms” please click on each expand icon and will see the options to select categories.

If you can’t access by click on expand button this might be a cache issue, please deactivate cache plugin or clear browser cache.

If nothing work for please sends me temporary admin access, i will check.



Update ruined categories. 5
- May 10, 2019 10:24 PM
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I continuously provide support for this issue, please don't worry. at least let us try for you. please see some recent topics created for this issue, https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/post-grid/ at the end all topic creator able to use the feature, in most case, it was cache issue after data update wasn't able to open selection area of category by click expand button.

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