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Joseph Knepley
Apr 11, 2017 09:36 AM 1 Answers General
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Just overnight the toggle with my Shortcode-Ultimate accordion stopped working; worked fine yesterday, but totally useless now. After spending hours trying to fix the problem, I decided that $7 for Your Accordion Premium was worthwhile.

Unfortunately, your AP had the same problem. Smelling a rat, I tried two more (free) accordion plugins - all gave the same result. However, they worked at other sites. This leads me to believe that something happened to some common underlying element at my host. Just guessing, as I'm a complete novice, but jquery seems to play a role in accordions (??); is that somewhere I should look? Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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Toggle doesn't work 1
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Apr 11, 2017

Welcome to our forum.

Can you please send me your link where you are using accordion plugin, yes jquery must need to loaded on your site to working accordion.



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Joseph Knepley
- Apr 11, 2017 07:21 PM
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Thanks for your reply. Since the time of my post yesterday, I realized that I had a backup from the last day my original accordion worked – restoring solved the problem. Too late now for the link you requested, but I'll keep it in mind should it happen again.

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