things aren’t working correctly

things aren't working correctly 1
Mar 24, 2020 04:18 AM 0 Answers General
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I just created a new gris called 'new' (if you want to have a look) and the search bar does not work, whatever is searched does not work. Also, the 'load more'pages loads more but when you click it it shrinks images (posts). Also, the images are blurry for some reason, and last thing, the grid layout is not pulling through the archives/ categories pages like it should.  I have currently reverted back to the old grip shortcode as it was working fine. But I'd like this to be resolved For a premium plugin I've had more issues than with the free version.

So just to summarise:

search bar isnt working
pagination 'load more' when clicked it shrinks the images
images are blurry
the grid layout is not pulling through the archives/categories

I'd appreciate prompt help as this is quite a big fault on my website


thank you

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