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Team: Filter by First Letter 1
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I have a website with a lot of team members.

I would like to create a page, where I use the "Filterable" grid to filter team members by the first letter of their name. I have custom fields for the first name and last name of the team members.

In other words, I would like to have buttons from A, B, C... to Z on my Page, and Display the corresponding team members when clicked. (e.g. Lorenz when L is clicked).

I am aware I could achieve this by creating the Groups A to Z and add the team members to those groups manually. However, I would prefer to achieve this progammatically, since it would be less administration effort.

Do you have any suggestions how I could implement something like this?




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Team: Filter by First Letter 1
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Jan 11, 2017

Welcome to our forum.

Sorry to say this feature not available in our Team plugin.

here is another plugin you could use as reference



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