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Ticket for: Social Share Button
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Jul 24, 2021 06:34 AM 0 Answers
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Just a Suggestion, if you put an aria-label in your buttons template its better for your SEO like this:


if ( ! defined('ABSPATH')) exit; // if direct access


$html_button.= '<a target="_blank" aria-label="'.$site_info['title'].'" href="'.$url.'" post-id="'.get_the_ID().'" class="share-button share-button-'.get_the_ID().' '.$site_info['id'].'" id="'.$site_info['id'].'" >';

$html_button.= '<span class="button-icon">'.$site_info['icon'].'</span>';
$html_button.= '<span class="button-name">'.$site_info['title'].'</span>';


$share_count_value = social_share_button_number_short($share_count_value);

$html_button.= '<span class="button-count">'.$share_count_value.'</span>';

$html_button.= '</a>';

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