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Ticket for: Post Grid
Feb 22, 2021 12:35 AM 0 Answers
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Hello. Ok so I have been using this plugin for years now. Today, all of a sudden, I decided to change the amount of products shown from 15 to 12. When I did that, all of a sudden, none of the pictures show up... So I decided to do a little investigating, and when I make ANY changes to my post grids, every single one of them changes the format to "empty layout"... But then when I choose a layout, it displays all this unnecessary information on my actual grid. So I try to delete all the information that is being displayed, and then it reverts back to empty layout... All I want is a simple post grid. That only shows the product title, OR, I also have "category" grids, which it is doing the same exact thing, reverting to empty layout and WILL NOT allow me to just select "title"...

Please help. This seems like it is going to be alot of work to fix the hundreds of grids that I currently have.

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