Setting padding on an accordion

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Setting padding on an accordion 1
Dan Coggins
Feb 22, 2023 03:52 AM 1 Answers
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How do I set padding on an accordion? I am working on the \"Style\" settings and when I click the padding settings for "Accordion content style" I cannot change the value of 10px. I\'m sure I\'m doing something wrong, but what? 😉

Thanks for your help!

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Setting padding on an accordion 1
Setting padding on an accordion 3
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Setting padding on an accordion 4
Azizul Raju
Feb 22, 2023

Welcome to PickPlugins.

Under the Style tab, Accordion content style => Padding, you can change the padding value and then update your settings.
You can pass four values to target a specific side, and It works as clockwise. For example, the first value will apply to the top, the second value to the right, the third value to the bottom and the fourth value to the left side.

Kindly follow my screenshot:

Still not getting the expected result? Kindly share your website URL so that we can check what's going on.

Setting padding on an accordion 5
Dan Coggins
- Mar 17, 2023 03:21 AM
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Thanks so much for the great answer. Worked like a charm. What through me is the field doesn’t act like a “normal” field during editing. On Firefox, the solution was to just click in the field and start typing. Thanks again. Correct (as usual)!

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