Sending verification email… never happens

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Sending verification email... never happens 1
Apr 19, 2024 04:09 PM 1 Answers
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When an unverified user tries to login, they get the "ERRORError: Verify your email first! Resend verification email" which by the way contains the "Error" twice?

Then, when user clicks the "Resent verification email" link, a pop up window appears with a "Please wait" circling balls, but this never ends and nothing happens. User will not receive an email, and therefore cannot verify account.

What could be wrong?

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Sending verification email... never happens 2
Azizul Raju
Apr 20, 2024

Hi, are you using version 2.0.23? Update and try a test registration to see if the email arrives. We'll help further if needed!

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