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May 17, 2016 08:29 PM 0 Answers General
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Hello There
First: thank you so much for coding this accordion-plugin for wordpress. It's really easy to use.
My question is: Is there a possibility to rotate (animation) the font-awesome-icon in case of a click on the header of the accordion? I would like to just use the fa-angle-up and rotate it by clicking on the header by 180° and let it go back when the content is collapsing. I searched the whole plugin-folder and found a few things i could change and try to get a solution on my own but I didn't succeed 🙁  What do I have to change if I want to delete the original function which gets activated when i click on the header of the accordion (for displaying the fa-angle-down (which I don't want to display at all because I want to rotate the fa-angle-up by 180° instead))?
I would be so happy to get a hint.

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