Remove link on breadcrumb trail

Remove link on breadcrumb trail 1
Dec 20, 2023 03:29 PM 1 Answers
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Remove link on breadcrumb trail

I would like to remove the link on the last page visited on the Ariadne thread

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Remove link on breadcrumb trail 2
Azizul Raju
Dec 26, 2023

I'm here to help you navigate the possibilities of customizing your breadcrumb navigation, even though the feature you're seeking isn't directly available within our plugin at the moment.

I've got a couple of workarounds that might be just what you need to achieve your desired functionality.
Here's a closer look at each approach:

1. Filter Hook to Modify Link URL:

2. Custom CSS for Visual Adjustment:

  • If you prefer a solution that removes the pointer cursor altogether, consider using custom CSS to style the breadcrumb element as plain text. This provides a clear visual cue that the link is not clickable.
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