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This is Shammi from RexTheme.

You probably remember that you collaborated with my colleague Jahir last Black Friday.

I'm reaching out to see if you're planning to provide any discounts on your products this Black Friday.

You see, we're planning on a deals page for "Huge WooCommerce Black Friday Discount Deals [2020]​​​​​​​" this week.

Here, we will be listing several WordPress discount deals for this Black Friday (free of cost).

If you have plans to run Black Friday discounts on your products, then we can add it to our deal page as well.

Simply send me the following information:

A short description of your deal (2-3 sentences).
A Black Friday discount banner (380*200px).
A Black Friday banner image (840*440)
Discount rate and duration.
Coupon code (if any).

Also, let me know if you're planning on a Black Friday deals page on your site.

As you know, we'll also be running Black Friday discounts on our plugins as well.

And we'd love to add our deals to your roundup.

Let me know and then I'll send our deal details to you.

Hoping to hear from you soon.


Shammi R.

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