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Nov 29, 2022 08:00 AM 1 Answers
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I installed your plugin (User Verification) and was playing with Recaptcha at login.  I could not get the recaptcha to work it kept coming up with error next to the Recaptcha Icon in the login form \"ERROR for site owner: Invalid key type\".

I tried both v2 and v3.  I have other recpatcha on the site via Elemento and all works well.

I disabled the plugin and now cannot log back into my site because I can\'t get past the login screen error.

I have searched the database for anythnig relating to recatcha but cannot find anything that fixes your login form recaptcha.  Can you please give me the details to remove the code in the mySQL database so i can get back into my site again please.

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Recaptcha 2
Azizul Raju
Nov 29, 2022

Hi Dailwagner,
Welcome to PickPlugins.

We just logged into your site and generated a v2 site key and secret key. Then from our plugin option, we selected the version V2 Checkbox and filled in all other information. And everything is fine and working!

I think you forgot to change the version setting from our plugin option. You've to select that.

At the moment, your site is using a site key and a secret key that we generated. If you are concerned about security, I suggest you generate a V2 site key and secret key and fill in our plugin option.


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