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[REALLY DISSAPPOINTED] Plugin fails to work 1
Jul 24, 2021 06:34 AM 1 Answers
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Hey Team,

Its really disappointing to see how your plugin fails to work each and everytime. Whenever a new customer registers on my site, they get a verification mail with the activation mail but when they click on the Activate Account button, it says, "Sorry! the activation key is incorrect." The same is happening for each and every customer of mine. Please help me out.

Thanks & Regards,

Kamalesh S

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[REALLY DISSAPPOINTED] Plugin fails to work 2
Jul 24, 2021

Welcome to our forum.

this is probably a known issue, there must be 2 or more activation key generated(two verification mail, the last mail will work) after register form is submitted, please send me your register page URL. you probably using custom register form from 3rd party plugins.


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