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I've downloaded the pro Team plugin and have Crew and Team showing on my WordPress dashboard.

Q1. How do I get the person's name to show under their image on the filterable grid view (I'm using the Popup Slider and Pagination is checked)

Q2: On only one or two of the bios it says 'read more' at the end of the text behind the thumbnail. How do I make this appear on all bio's, and how do I make it bold to stand out?

I've checked the other posts on this site but your responses all appear to refer to 'Grid', which I don't have.

Webpage is here:


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Dec 09, 2018

Welcome to our forum.


there is the available some themes for team grid? please see the demo here

you need to choose the theme first, and then from Layout Builder you can drag to sort elements, please see the screenshot

A2. Under layout builder see the content options you can display full text, please see the screenshot

sorry to say there is no option to make bold text for bio text, you can use following CSS to do that

.team-container .layer-content .team-content {
    font-weight: bold;

Let me know for more helo.


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