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Tony Baker
May 23, 2019 07:36 PM 1 Answers
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Really nice wishlist plugin. Right away however, I noticed some issues that make me reconsider a purchase.
1. When a product in shop has grey heart (not in a list), and you click grey heart, the product goes into a default list, but does not refresh showing a red heart while still on shop page - manual page refresh required to show red heart.
A good point I will note however is that, when clicking a grey heart, then clicking the list, it does update the count and highlight the list item for the default list (favorite) red. Sadly, the big grey heart is still grey.
2. When on the shop page, click the list icon and add the product to a list, it also does not refresh and update the big grey heart. However, the list stays open, and the list name changes to red, but the item count in the list item does not update. - manual page refresh required to update the count in the list, and to red the heart. Also, The list remains active on the page until a click is made.
3. When you are in the wishlist archives and you view a list, and the heart is red on a product, and you click the heart to remove the item from the list, it does not refresh and remove the item from the list. - manual page refresh required.
4. When an item added to a list from shop page, and user manually refreshes the page to get the red heart, then clicking red heart, it removes the item from the list, but does not grey the heart - manual page refresh required.

Any chance these issues will get fixed?

Sincerely, Tony

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May 24, 2019

Welcome to our forum.

Thanks for point these issues, have you tried our free version

i should fix these and update the plugin.


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