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I am looking to build a site with a job board for a employment agency or recruitment firm where they will post job openings for several of their client companies.

The goal is to have their client companies be able to have their own login profile and then be able to submit their own job openings that would be screened by the recruitment firm. Once approved that job opening would be posted without the brand or contact info of that company.

On the job seeker side, if they apply for a position it would go to the recruitment firm for review. If approved, it would then show up in the client company's account as a potential candidate for that position but without the contact info of the job seeker.

Is this possible to do with your plugin (I have a very experienced WP developer on my team) or is your plugin just intended for a single company to post their job openings?

Thank you.

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Aug 02, 2018

Welcome to our forum.

Thanks for your post, i guess our job board manager plugin is not suited for your need right now.


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