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We have renamed Post Grid plugin to Post Grid Combo
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Sep 01, 2022 02:38 PM 1 Answers
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Hi there,
unfortunately my posts aren't sorted by date and I don't know why.
Could you please tell me what exactly do I have to set?

Thanks in advance!

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Azizul Raju
Sep 01, 2022

Welcome to PickPlugins.

When you're editing your post grid, you can find this option under Query Post => Post Query Orderby.
Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/aqJyoZV.png

Please note that to showcase the grid order Horizontally, you've to set the column count with a percentage value.
Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/DZEUPRC.png

If you don't use percentage, then the grid will calculate its view Vertically.

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