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Posts Grid - Filterable Setting 1
Moon Soo Ha
Oct 28, 2021 08:32 AM 1 Answers
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I want to make my page a filterable post grid.

When I make just a normal grid, it makes good to have 3 or 4 grids.

But when I make it filterable, it makes a filterable menu top but the grid change just 1, not 3 or 4.

I can't make a filterable port grid to have 3 or 4 grid posts.

How can I solve this problem?

Thank you.




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Posts Grid - Filterable Setting 1
Posts Grid - Filterable Setting 3
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Posts Grid - Filterable Setting 4
Oct 28, 2021

Welcome to our forum.

Thanks for login access, I have checked the admin, please check now

Posts Grid2

Post Grid

Posts Grid - Filterable Setting 5
Moon Soo Ha
- Oct 29, 2021 01:31 PM
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Thank you for your wonderful support.
Additionally, I want to modify twice the points.
1. Making round corners a filterable menu.
2. Making center align pagination for left align.

Please let me know it is possible or not?
Thank you.

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