PostGrid : problem while loading a grid with article with another grid

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PostGrid : problem while loading a grid with article with another grid 1
Apr 13, 2020 10:53 PM 0 Answers
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I have a problem loading a page since some versions (don't know since when ... it's an isolated page I don't consult often).

Inside this page, I have 3 post-grid, one which return 5 elements (by type, id X), one which return 4 articles (by tag, id Y), and one with many articles (with pagination - by tag, id Z)

The whole page doesn't load because of the 2nd post-grid (4 articles - id Y) - I've modified my page to desactivate each grid one by one to discover this.

I've then recreated a tag to re-flag each of the 4 article and modified my grid to get article with this new flag. I've found that only one article causes problem.

In this article, I have a post-grid to, and when I modify my article to desactivate this post-grid, the page now load correctly.

Two hypothesis :

  1. all post-grid inside item of a post-grid causes problem
  2. it's because inside this article with post-grid, it points on grid id X, same as post-grid in the page loading post-grid with id Y too (not tested...)

It was working for a long time before. Something brokes in one of the last updates.

Thanks for your job !

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