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The postgrids I have work perfectly except when I resize to mobile view, and the except text gets cut off at the bottom between 767px and 450px. The girds look fine from about 450px to  275px but below this they start being cut off form the right.
I have tried changing the 'Grid Items Width' for mobile device and the grids only work (no cutting off) at all sizes below the min-width (of 320px) when set to 60%. But at 60% the grids are very small when moving through some of the sizes, e.g. 350px. I can't seem to win with it. Hope you are able to help.


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Apr 19, 2018

Welcome to our forum.

Can you please send me your post grid page url, i will check the issue.

i am not sure if you are using grid item height, in pro version we have more advance feature to set grid item height mobile device. if you are still using Free version please use auto height in this case.

Let me know for more help.





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