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Post Grid Responsive Error 1
Sep 01, 2019 08:46 PM 1 Answers
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Using paid version of Post Grid. Title and Excerpt overlapped by images on mobile version. I viewed on multiple mobile browsers. Grid looks fine on PC. Post grid didn't look like this before. Maybe since July update? Using "Porfolio" as posts in grid and modality wordpress theme if that helps. Screenshot of mobile display:

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Post Grid Responsive Error 1
Post Grid Responsive Error 3
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Post Grid Responsive Error 4
Sep 03, 2019

Welcome to our forum.

Do you used fixed height for grid item width? please use auto height on mobile device.

Please see the screenshot

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Post Grid Responsive Error 5
- Sep 04, 2019 04:16 AM
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hello, I use auto not fixed. Do you have a solution to the error?

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