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Post Grid Pro Issues After Upgrading 1
Sabrina Cacilhas
Oct 04, 2021 07:27 AM 1 Answers
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Hi after I upgraded to Post Grid Pro I am having a few issues:

Filterable Grid Issues

  • When I try to make a Filterable Grid (and I turn on the 'filterable pagination') no matter what size setting I use for the images, the Post Grid puts only 1 image per line and it is a huge image. My settings were set to 3 columns but once I turn on the Filterable Grid it changes it to 1 column and the image is scaled to fit the whole column width of the page
  • I have the 'filterable pagination' turned on but the pagination only shows

    Previous  1   Next

    There should be many more pages as I have over 100 posts. The next and previous buttons don't do anything since the grid is not generating any pages except 1 page with 10 posts

    Example of a page on my website with a filterable grid:


Normal Post Grid Issues

  • My normal grids are no longer in descending order by date. I didn't change any settings except install the Post Grid Pro. Now the grids are in a random order
  • The "Next" and "Previous" buttons of the pagination appear at the very top of my webpage, not beside the page numbers at the bottom of the grid
  • When the post grid is set to have 12 items per page and 3 columns it shows the posts in this format:

    x  x  x
    x  x  x
    x  x  x
    x  x
    Page Numbers

    Why won't it show the last 3 posts on the same row?

Please see this page on my site for a 'Normal' post grid (i.e. not Filterable)

Thank you

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Post Grid Pro Issues After Upgrading 1
Post Grid Pro Issues After Upgrading 3
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Post Grid Pro Issues After Upgrading 4
Oct 04, 2021

Welcome to our forum.

Sorry for late reply,

Could you please set px or % values for grid item width instead of column numbers, and let me know the result.


Post Grid Pro Issues After Upgrading 5
- Oct 05, 2021 07:43 AM
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nex-previous button at the top issue is theme CSS conflict issue, please add following CSS to fix

.post-grid .page-numbers.prev, .post-grid {
position: relative !important;

.post-grid .page-numbers.prev:before, .post-grid{

for the filterable grid:

Please set Query Post > Posts per page to -1
and then under filterable menu set Number of items per page to 10

Post Grid Pro Issues After Upgrading 6
Sabrina Cacilhas
- Oct 04, 2021 11:36 PM
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Hi thank you for your reply:

For the normal post grid:
– I changed to px instead of using column number and that fixed all of the issues except for the arrows to switch pages being at the top of the page, rather than beside the pagination (1 2 3 … 9)
– please view this page of my site
– you will see the ‘next’ and ‘previous’ page buttons are in the very top corners of my website

for the filterable grid:
– I changed it to use px instead of column number and now the grid looks the way I want it to in multiple columns but it does not load all of the pages for each filter.
– For every filter I have it shows only 1 page with a few posts on the page but I have many, many posts so there should be multiple pages for each filter.
– example: the dessert filter shows it has (28) items in this filter but when I turn on the filter it only shows 3 posts and 1 page

Thank you

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