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Ticket for: Post Grid
Post grid not displaying elements 1
Oct 08, 2021 05:15 PM 0 Answers
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Complexe probleme here:

We deployed our website for a client, it was working fine in our dev environment but a bug occured in the production env.

Since deployment, post grid is not displaying elements correctly. It can retrieve the correct number (on the example page it should get effectively 2 elements and it's ok), but the elements are empty (these are articles which should display with an image on the left and title and desc on the right).

The articles are on the website and there's no probleme about it, but they don't appear in the postgrid section.

Example page:
PHP Version: 7.2.34 for production env, 7.4 for dev env.
Wordpress version: 5.8.1
Section affected: below "Voir également"

There were no modifications between  dev and production environments in the post-grid plugin.

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