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Jun 19, 2023 10:28 AM 1 Answers
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To someone it may concern,

I made taxonomy filters on this page -

Somehow ony price ranges filters are not working such as 30,000 – 39,999 yen40,000 – 49,999 yen50,000 – 59,999 yen

I have confirmed that there are no difference settings between price ranges and ohter taxonomies.
I hope you can help me to solve this.

Best regards,
Tomoki Uchida

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Azizul Raju
Jun 19, 2023

Hi, your price range slug name starts with a number, and it's not a valid selector in CSS. The first letter shouldn't be a number. Is it possible for you to rename the slug?

If not, we've to update our plugin to add prefix alphabet letters to make it work.

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